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Cold beverages are the most in demand during Hot, Humid summers. This gives soda makers an edge to serve soda in an age old yet unique trend of packaging of carbonated drinks and also gives them an opportunity to grow.

It is no rocket science, simply put, soda water/aerated water is plain water into which carbon dioxide gas is dissolved. Soda water can be made in two forms, either plain or flavoured. In plain soda water Carbonic acid gas and Sodium bicarbonate solution under pressure are mixed with pure water. Flavored soda water contains flavors of lemon, ginger, masala soda, milk rose, mango, cola, orange, pineapple and so on in syrup base and this preparation is also made using carbonic acid gas under pressure.

We at Khandelwal Glass Works provide complete solution in helping you set up the Victory Codd bottle and the filling unit. We believe in conceptualizing and bringing to life solutions that are hassle free and drives you forward. 

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We Provide all kinds of filling machines according to your requirement

Automatic / Semi - Automatic / Manual filling machines

1) Automatic

2) Semi - Automatic

3) Manual

We also provide traditional recipes!!!!