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our approach


To make codd bottles a part of your everyday life no matter where you are located in the globe.


To be the one stop destination for anyone who wants use codd bottles as their packaging product for carbonated beverage. To capture the huge carbonated drinks market by providing them a unique and innovative packaging solution by providing consultation on setting up the complete codd bottle and filling unit in small, medium and large scale. goli soda bottle exporters

Banta bottle - Codd Bottle India

​​Khandelwal Glass Works, is the worldwide exporter of empty codd bottles, it presents codd bottles in unique designs of customer choice in bulk quantity and different capacity with world class quality​​ at Khandelwal Glass Works, innovation is in our DNA. Therefore we create and supply, age old yet intuitive glassware that is inspiring and divergent. We believe in conceptualization and bringing to life solutions that are hassle free and drives you forward in setting up a complete Codd bottle filling unit  

​The journey started in 1932 and since then there has been no stopping us. We understood that glassware is a part of every household and every business. And we were providing all kinds of solutions to household needs right from tumblers to jars and even exotic wine glasses under the brand name of SASNI. In 1981 under the brand name of VICTORY and DECO we manufactured codd bottles that carved its place in every soda makers and lovers heart in the domestic as well as international markets. As we grew, we started cultivating roses in 2003.  In 2005 Sigma Fragrances and exports was born and started extracting rose oil and vetiver oil.

With expertise across sectors Khandelwal Glass Works is now unit of Sigma Fragrances Exports Pvt. Ltd. that is the destination for supplying complete solution for codd bottles that is partnering with clients to set up their complete filling plant providing technical backup and delighting the clients all over the world.​