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Bottling it up... Simplifying the process, making it hassle free 

​​Three bottle filling machine

Also available in different colours now

The machinery


Because the bottle is very strong the gas pressure obtained In codd bottles as compared to crown bottles is subsequently more  hence this also leads to making the quality of the drinks superior.


Height: 18 cms
Weight: 45 kgs
Capacity: 10 to 15 crates per hour
Pressure: 100 Pounds
Colors: as desired
Man power 1 to 2

User friendly

The machinery has developed and evolved with time and requires lesser manpower and effort. The business can be made highly profitable and lucrative with initial handholding and regular supervision and suggestions for both small and large scale carbonation dispensaries.

Excited to get your own set up? Here are some interesting facts you need to know before getting started.


The Codd bottle  also popularly known as banta, kancha bottle, goli bottle, soda bottle, goti bottle etc. in India and namlet in the UAE. The  Victory codd bottles never need a cork to form the closure because trapped in its neck it has a glass ball or marble, which cannot not leave the neck chamber.

The bottle is tilled under gas pressure forcing the marble into the lip where it meets rubber washer retained in a groove. The marble is forced against the washer forming a perfect airtight seal. The codd bottle is widely used to pack all kinds of carbonated drinks.


Step 1 - Install the machine. connect the machine to the CO2 gas cylinder of any size.

Step 2 – Fill the syrup up till the marble ball in the codd bottles, take minimum 3 filled bottles and place it in the machine.

Step 3 – Check whether the bottles are rightly placed in the machine

Step 4 - Close the cover

Step 5 – Turn on the flow of the CO2 gas and rotate the machine 3-4 times

Step 6 - Open the cover and you will be able to see the bottles sealed.

Step 7 – You are ready to go! It’s that simple, works like magic, doesn’t it?

How are codd bottles different from crown bottles?

​weight: 500 gms

height: 230 mm
diameter: 61 mm

What are codd bottles?

Weight: 415 gms

height: 200 mm

​diameter: 58 mm